My top ten pet peeves... late post

To be honest, the slightest things can bother me. However, it all depends on who you are! Some of my closest friends do the things listed below, but it doesn't bother me as much, or at all when they do vs when someone else does it. I wanted to keep this short and sweet since I am behind (my apologies), so here ya go!

  1. incorrect grammar
  2. people who text with incorrect grammar
  3. one word responses
  4. when people answer questions with questions
  5. when people say their fine and i know they're not
  6. when people stare at me and don't say anything 
  8. childish behaviour 
  9. when people ask to hang out but then they're on their phone the whole time
  10. excessive negative people
What are your pet peeves? Please share below! :)

Until next time...
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