Happy Halloween!

I'm about a week late but better late than never right?

First things first, I went to the Arizona State Fair for the first time on Halloween! This picture is from the top of one of the ferris wheels. Let me tell you.. I was so scared taking this picture, mostly because of my fear of heights. But thankfully I had Imani to come with me! I had so much fun at the fair and I look forward to going again next year, this time with more time to spare. We only got to spend about two hours there because we had some parties to go to after!

These lovely ladies joined my mom and I and it was so much fun with them! I even got Imani to take some pictures of my mom and I. This was especially important to me because I don't have many pictures with my mother. This makes me sad because she's like my bestfriend and as a photographer (and a blogger) I love taking pictures with the people I love!

Before going any further into this post I would like to say that God has blessed me with the perfect mother. She herself may not be perfect but her parenting skills have made me into who I am today, therefore she is perfect in my eyes. I love her with my whole heart and then some. These are my favorite pictures of us to date.

I also ran into some extra scary people with zippers on their faces! Crazy right! Just kidding.. they were really nice and I was so happy they agreed to take a picture with me!

Now, I know that the Halloween blogtober prompt was to reveal your costume soooo...

(left to right: me, Edie, Maddie, & Imani)
Here I am with my lovely roommates while we were headed to our second party. If you can't tell I was minnie mouse (with a tutu of course!), Edie was a nurse, Maddie was a referee, and Imani was a baseball player! We all had so much fun together this night and it's definitely a halloween I won't forget! Much like last years halloween (click here to check out my post about it). 

I hope you all had a fabulous halloween, I know I sure did!

Until next time..

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