Tips to Survive Spring Semester!

Welcome back and hello 2015! I know we all wish break had lasted a little bit longer, but sadly we all know that isn’t an option so why not prepare for the spring semester! 

Did last semester leave you a little frustrated with your grades? Have no fear! With the beginning of a new year comes a new semester and a chance to redeem your gpa before the summer. 

Take Notes: Taking notes is important because it ensures that when midterms and finals roll around you have the information you need to study successfully.

Pay Attention: I know class can get boring but try to be engaged in the discussions and participate in class. You have to make a decent grade to get credit for the class, even if you hate it, so you might as well make it look like you care. If you do this then when it comes time to grade your tests and papers your professor may be more lenient if it seems like you were paying attention.

Put your phone down:  This pertains to the tip above because it has to do with paying attention. Now I know we have a million and one other things we like to do on our phones instead of paying attention in class, but your phone is a distraction and you shouldn’t check it every five minutes. Once or twice won’t hurt you but being on it the whole time is disrespectful to your teacher and hindering you. You’re paying for the classes you’re in, you might as well get something out of it.

Studying: The location of where you study is important. You should try and do it in a quiet, well-lit area. It doesn’t always have to be the library, some of the best study spots could be hidden all over your campus. It is, however, a lot easier for most people to study in a place that is not your dorm. This isn’t true for everyone though, one of my roommates can’t stand being in the library and she feels she gets more work done in our dorm. To each it’s own, but find what fits for you!

Get More Sleep: Most of the time getting a full nights rest isn’t possible, but usually college students stay up later than we really need to. Half the time we’re on social media or just browsing the internet in general. Which I find funny because college students are always complaining about how we never sleep or we don’t get enough sleep. If you have the opportunity to go to bed at least a little earlier than usual then you definitely should.

It's a new semester, and new year so try to make the best of it! If there are any tips you have or would like to share, comment them down below! 

Also, be sure to check out my good friend Kylers post about getting the most out of college on Linkedin HERE. It's worth the read I promise!

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