Oregon - Part 2

 I was supposed to upload part 2 a couple days ago but school got in the way and I didn't have time to do it. Thankfully this weekend isn't packed with homework and I have a pretty open day!

We went to the coast and I got to see this historical lighthouse and that was really awesome! It was a chill day, very relaxed. We mostly drove down the coast to see some beaches. It lasted all day but it took like 3 hours to get there!

The second day was so great and I really enjoyed myself a lot.

My third day there wasn't anything special. I stayed at my uncle's house while he and my grandma went out and spent some time together. I needed a day to just sleep and relax because school can get so stressful. 

I went to this awesome coffee shop on the third day after my uncle and grandma returned home. It was a very laid back place and I loved it! I got a really cool mug from there. The coffee shop is called The Barn Light for those of you who ever decide to go to Eugene, Oregon. 
Now looking forward to finishing out this school year strong. I'll be posting some tips on finals soon, so be sure to look out for those!
Until next time..
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