Boys Basketball Game W/ Floor 9!

The basketball game last night was so much fun (even though we lost :( boo..) I had so much fun with my girls from 9th floor (my dorm floormates) They always make it such a good time! 

my new roommate Angela and I! 

my neighbor Julia and I!

my lovely 6'3" Nikki and I! 

My girl Shiina and I!

-until next time (meaning until i have something interesting to talk about!)

Last Formal Event of AGD

Rushing for AGD was such a great experience! I met so many awesome girls at these events and the AGD (squirrels) girls were so sweet and welcoming. I had a great time and I'm sad to say I won't be joining them this semester. Hopefully next semester I will have the opportunity to be apart of this awesome sorority!  Love all the girls who rushed with me and congratulations to all the ones who will be initiated this semester! Love you <3

Words For Thought..

I feel like people don't do this often enough. Everyone gets so busy with what they're doing and people just don't take the time to actually just enjoy their life anymore. It's definitely something I need to work on as well. It's hard to do but I feel that it's necessary.

I also believe that this quote says so much. People always want to control everything they're doing. They don't just allow things to happen.. Such as relationships, friendships, work, etc. People always think they have to have control over everything in their life. It's not true though. I strongly believe the statement "Everything happens for a reason." and along with that I think you should just let it be that way. Whatever happens, happens. If that makes sense.. 
Okay, I'm done rambling on now haha. 

Delta Nu? Nahhh, Alpha Gamma Delta

Soo, this movie (Legally Blonde for those uneducated folks) is one of the first reasons I've always wanted to be in a sorority! It just seemed so fun! And guess what?! I am now rushing for AGD, aka , Alpha Gamma Delta! So far so good too! I really love the girls and I pray that I get a bid to pledge! That would be the best! I really just love what they are about! 

Inspire the woman impact the world! 
That right there says so much about AGD as a whole. I love it!
Our first formal rush event was today and it was awesome! We had a torch thing on the wall where we all wrote why we wanted to join. 

I really am so excited for the next two formal events. I know so many other girls who are also rushing and it makes things so much more fun! I'll keep you guys posted on how it goes!

Buffalo Wild Wings!

Last night Shiina, Emily, Lawrence (Emily's high school friend), Julia and I all went to buffalo wild wings. Why? Just because we can that's why! And because it was 75 cent boneless wings thursday! Haha, anyways.. It was a good time, we had awesome wings and just talked. 

You can't tell me that doesn't look good! It was soooooo good ahaha. I definitely want to go again soon!

Sorry about the picture being sideways! I was too lazy to turn it to be honest haha, but this is us! From left to right: Emily, Shiina, ME, Julia. (*Lawrence took the picture)

TKE Bonfire!

TKE had a bonfire on Sunday and obviously I went! It was sooo much fun! This picture is from when I first got there and it wasn't many people. By the end of the night there were at least 100 people! It was crazy, but such an awesome time! I met a lot of great new people that night and I'm so happy I did. :) 

Party Weekends~

Soooo, last weekend my friends and I partied quite a bit. And all in ONE night. It was insane. We hit up like 3 parties. It was basically the same people at each one but it kept getting moved. (so dumb btw). Anyways, we still had a good time over all. The above picture I like to call "drunk girls crossing" haha Also, on a random side note, I like to think that I looked kind of cute that night ;) Look! 

If any of you follow me on instagram (@abrieljoyu), you'll know I posted this today, but this picture was actually taken last weekend! Haha, and my hair looks really black here but we all know that my hair has been dyed. I have to dye it once more because the color is not showing up how I want to. Butttt, either way that's a subject for another day. It was a good time and hopefully this weekend is equally as good!


I apologize for not having posted anything recently! I've been sooo busy the past two weeks trying to get back into my school schedule and what not. I'm already getting homework shoved down my throat. luckily so far I'm not drowning! Haha, anyways.. I'll be posting about 3-4 recap posts about things I've done this past week or so! Sorry to hit you with so many at once! 

Au Revoir!

North Shore!

(late post)

So last Sunday I went to the North Shore with Shiina and her two friends from Alaska! We had so much fun! We basically drove half the island, which was pretty cool :) I made a vlog from that day as well so I will post the link at the end of the post! But anyways, we went sight seeing to the beach where LOST was filmed and that was pretty cool! I had such a good time with them! Afterwards we went to CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) and then picked up our friend Kylie from the airport while also dropping off Shiina's friends.

Shiina and I


Vlog Post: watch in HD!

Boys Volleyball!

Boys Volleyball! We played against Long Beach, and sadly we lost. :/ But our boys did try hard from what I saw and I heard that LB is number one so... Yeah, anyways I went with angela and we had a good time! We didn't stay the whole time because we got tired and our phones were dying. 

New Hair Color!

First of all.. sorry for the late posts! I just got back to Hawai'i last thursday and school started this week but I promise I'll be updating more regularly like usual! 

Anyways, as you can see.. I dyed my hair! I was really surprised it turned out in this picture because in any other picture you can't tell. But I'm very happy with it! :D 
Until Next Time!..

Lunch w/ Kelsey

I had lunch with Kelsey! It was a lot of fun. We caught up and people watched and had some awesome PHO ! #yumm (Yes I just put a hashtag, what are you going to do about it?!) Haha, anyways. It was great seeing her (like it always is).  We're cute in the rain! Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself!

(told you we were cute! ;) haha)

and our PHO was really good too!

Until Next Time!


I went to Disneyland! It was so much fun! I haven't been in a really long time! (Actually only one year) But that's long enough to me haha. I had a great time though! I went with my aunt, uncle, grandma, and baby cousin. I didn't get on many rides because we were only there for about 4-5 hours. Either way, disneyland is disneyland haha. Here's some pictures!

(my grandma and I)

(my aunt and baby cousin!)

(my aunt and baby cousin)

(cars land christmas tree)

My grandma and I ate at this one place (I can't remember the name..) But they have awesome bread bowl soups! We got turkey pot pie! It was delicious! haha 

my baby cousin was waving. he's so adorable!

Until next time..

Goodbye Arizona, Hello LA!

I left Arizona yesterday! It was bittersweet to leave.
I luckily had the best people to send me off!

my bestfriend of course!

and my family!

Sadly we had to wait an extra 2 hours or so. The bus that I was supposed to be on was too full so we had to wait for the next one, but just to my luck.. it was full. So we had to wait for the third one! Which came at 4:30am and I was supposed to leave at 2:30. It was a frustrating process but I am so grateful that my family and Anissa were so patient and stayed with me the whole time!

I'm back in LA ! Yayyyyy!

Amberlee and Anissa Visit ; French Fry Run Pt. 2

I don't know what it is about french fries, but I love them! 
And for some reason I love getting them late at night haha. 

It was so crazy hanging out with these two together again. We used to be inseparable. We did almost EVERYTHING together. I've always stayed in touch with Anissa but I really need to work on my communication with miss amberlee. Hopefully it'll get better this year in 2014! 
Yeah.. We all just hung out and talked, caught up on the past 5 months and overall, like most days with my friends, it was a great time! I can't wait until summer to see these girls again!

Night With Anissa and Caylin

(another late post)

I absolutely love these girls! We had such a fun time together!
Below was supposed to be a compilation of videos of us being really bad at taboo, however the sound doesn't work. :(

You can still see that we were being completely dumb haha. If you follow me on instagram (@abrieljoyu) you can view the video the right way! haha
Anywayyyys, We played taboo, made a walmart and taco bell run. We somehow end up getting food at the end of the night, always! I really missed hanging out with these girls. We had SO much to talk about so we just basically caught up before it was time for me to go back to LA! it was a great night overall!

Basically Anissa hates us.. JK haha this was a snapchat picture we sent to Gabe because he was being a meanie to Anissa haha. Yeah, sorry this post is so short!