Lunch With Ty

I had the best lunch date with my "boyfriend" Ty. (quotations because he's gay and not actually my boyfriend haha) But anywayssss, it was such a great time! We went to this mexican restaurant and then got FREE dutch bros too! It was so good catching up because I've missed him so much! After we ate lunch we went to the mall so that he could buy an ipad (ooooooo, ahhhhhh) haha. And I bought my new years eve/new years dress. :D It was a good day and we got things accomplished haha. Afterwards we got MORE dutch bros! Haha, I can't get enough since they don't have it in Hawaii. Oh well..
Until next time.. Here's some pictures!

Christmas Cracker Tag!

(this was sitting in my drafts, I forgot to post it!)!
One: What's on your Christmas list?
- Always books, money, and winter candy apple spray! My list seems to get smaller every year but those things make the list every year. I really like things that come from the heart. <3

Two: What's on your Christmas Day agenda?
- Just a day with my grandmother! I'm spending the whole day with her

Three: How much Christmas shopping have you done?
- I've gotten all of mine done! Thank goodness. I hate last minute shopping because everyone always wants to go at that time. Usually because they've forgotten something.. Haha

Four: What's your biggest ever surprise gift?
- I know this is so weird, haha but when I was six I remember my grandmother and mother got me this big Barbie Hotel 'Playhouse'. They told me they didn't think they would be able to get it and surprised me on christmas day! Best christmas surprise ever lol

Five: When do you usually put up your Christmas tree?
- It honestly depends. It varies every year. But usually like the first or second week of December.

Six: Do you have a special outfit planned for Christmas day?
- To be honest, no. Haha, I'm spending a lazy day with my grandmother! Pajamas for me!

Seven: Do you have any plans for boxing day?
- No plans haha. I'm not that interesting over break! I like to relax 24/7 while I can before school starts again!

Eight: When did you stop believing in Santa?
- When I was six! The same christmas I got the Barbie Hotel 'Playhouse' haha. Ironic huh?

Nine: What's your favorite Christmas scent?
- Hands down.. Winter Candy Apple from Bath and Body Works. I get it every year and I have for over six years aha. It's my smell.

Ten: What do you love most about Christmas?
- Being able to relax with my family and eating delicious food. And the overall feeling of the season!

PS: I tagged my friend Jaime on youtube but idk if she's going to do it haha.


Christmas 2013! It was a great one! I meant to post this like three days ago so I apologize for the lateness! Anywho, christmas was great! I spent the whole day with my granny :) I really enjoyed it. Her and I watched christmas movies and just talked. Right before my family was going to eat the lights went out!! And not just in our house, but the whole neighborhood as well. We had to go old school and use candles haha. We didn't have many flashlights handy.

My grandmother has the really cool vintage looking candle (pictured above) which I used to get around the house. It gets so dark so early where my grandmother lives! It gets early starting around four and it doesn't get dark until about 7 in Hawai'i. Nevertheless we ate our christmas dinner at candlelight and it was actually quite nice! Great dinner as always!!

(my christmas selfie) :D

Tomorrow is christmas!

Well more like in 36 minutes it's christmas! I'm so excited! Being in LA has been great so far! I've baked cookies with my aunt and spend time with my great grandmother! Winter break has been god so far and I know it can only get better from here on out! I'm super excited for christmas dinner! (I LOVE TO EAT) haha. I'll make sure to post tomorrow night all about my christmas day!
Until then here's some pictures!

and here's my tree! 

blurry on purpose haha

up close

we have a second tree but i'll post a picture tomorrow!

California Bound!

Today I left Hawai'i en route to Los Angeles, California! The whole trip wasn't to bad actually and I was surprised honestly! When I got to the honolulu airport it was so empty looking!

and the security line was annoying as alwaysssss..

But once I got through all of that it wasn't too bad! I stopped by starbucks to get myself a Joy tea!

and luckily i didn't have to travel completely alone. my friend vanessa was on the same flight as I! So we shared breakfast while waiting. Spam, rice, and eggs!!

Vanessa! (not the best picture, taken on my phone)


Breakfast was good and helped me to keep from getting too impatient while waiting to board the plan..

view while waiting to board haha.

When I was finally on the plane I got some more shots! (of course!) And throughout the plane ride as well.. I'll post them below.

my main view

Just kidding about the above caption. This was my main view. I read the whole plane ride! I even finished the book! ( The fault in our stars by John Green)

my bag was so packed it was a little cramped for my feet with my boots on so i took them off and it was muchhhhh better!!

Pretty sunset!

this was my flight neighbor. he slept most of the way.

very quiet plane ride to be honest..

I really love this picture. it was on accident too! we were getting close to LA, well about to land actually and the little girl behind me was looking out her window, as was I, but I was trying to take a picture. I moved my camera to the side to look closer and accidently pressed the button and wah la! i really do like this for some reason though.

Okay this one was on purpose. i couldn't help it i got one good shot on accident and i wanted more, but ones that were on purpose. haha photographer probs..


The baggage took FOREVER to come..

Got picked up here and finally...

I headed home! So happy!

Leaving LAX.. see you in 3 weeks though.

Until next time...

A Good Way To Go..

Tea Date with Kat is how I started off my day! (Actually I went with her to her last final and thennn we got starbucks after.) I knew I wasn't going to be spending a lot of time with Kat that day seeing as we both had errands to run and last minute things to do before we left to go home. She actually left that night so she was stressing a little bit throughout the day.

Kat is seriously the cutest person! How could you not love her! 

I like to think we're pretty cute hahaha

So Kat has been trying to get a bird to come eat from her, practically all year. It's crazy but they all run away from her. Haha. On our last day here before break she finally got one to be her friend! This is her excited face. 

I also got to spend time with Wynter! We ran some errands together! We accidently went all the way to chinatown (took the wrong bus) but we made it to our destination in the end (ala moana and walmart)
here's some pictures from our trip!

bus rides get boring sometimes.

Also that night the girls i'm close with on my floor had a ramen party haha. We all had different kinds of ramen noodles and hung out in Emily's room and ate one last "meal" together!


here's the last sunset i saw in Hawai'i before leaving!!

taken on my iphone so not the greatest but no filter and still beautiful nonetheless.

Chrsitmas with one of my college families!

Present time at the University of Hawai'i!! Well in the Lokelani dorm with Nicholas, Kathryn, Wynter and Dean. The presents above are the things I got. (The Fault in Our Stars, Green Tea, Starbucks gift card, M&M's, a wallet, singing card, and a wrap. I was so excited to receive them too! I have the best friends ever!! :D

Nick excited about his body pillow

Kat excited about her singing card

Wynter excited about her presents!

It was a good day! I'm going to miss these guys!

until next time...