Weekend Shenanigans!

Last weekend was so much fun for me! I watched most of the Seahawks game with my roomie Maddie and she was really stressed out because she is a HUGE fan! Sadly I had to leave after halftime because I had two photoshoots to do. Thankfully Seattle pulled through and won over the packers! Woohoo! I can't even tell you how excited my roommate was!

Here's a photo from the second shoot I did. These two lovely ladies are some of my good friends that I have met at GCU. It was so much fun shooting with them, mostly because they're a bunch of goofballs and made me laugh the whole time!

After the shoot I finished up some homework and then Imani and I went to spend the night with two of my best boys.. Ty & Gio!

This last picture is actually a picture of a picture. A polaroid to be exact! I love polaroids and after being around Gio and his polaroid I have decided I am going to get one for myself! Especially with some colored polaroid film. I absolutely love it!

The rest of the weekend was pretty good as well. I'm hoping this weekend is just as good, if not better. Comment below on how your weekend was, or how you expect this one to be! I'd love to hear about it! 

Until next time..
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Rainy Days

It's very gloomy today and it even rained on my way to my second class. Rainy days are always an excuse for me to stay in and get things done. Hopefully I'll be able to do that today. Blogging from my phone at the moment to give a quick update before I head to my last class. 

Hope everyone's enjoying their day and hopefully you're all getting more sun than I am. If not, what do you like to do on rainy days? Share in the comments below! 

Also, a post about staying organized will be up soon so be sure to look out for it!

Until next time..
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Christmas Break Recap

First off I want to start by saying that my Christmas break went better than expected, but then again I didn't have many expectations. I just expected to sleep a lot. Which, of course, I did lots of. Break started off great! I got to spend time with my aunt,uncle, grandma, and my cousin Miles. It was so good to see them after so long. I had a lot of fun spending time with them and I can’t wait to see them again. My cousin Miles is getting so big and he has grown so much since the last time I saw him! 

After I visited with them I stayed with my roommate Imani for about 3-4 days because it was her birthday weekend. It’s always a good time with her and it was nice to hang out with her outside of our dorm or the library studying haha. I didn’t take many take many pictures surprisingly! But her and I have enough selfies to begin with. If you want to check out the post I dedicated to her birthday you can check that out here

After I left Imani’s house I went to my final destination. My house! 

It was soon good to be home and in my old room again. Now, for those of you who actually know me know that my parents live in Arizona and that’s also my home. But this is the place that I grew up in for most of my life so this is the place I always go back to. Getting to spend time with my grandmother and aunt was really nice. I made a post about what we did for Christmas and you can check that out here (make link back to xmas post)

While at my house I mostly just relax and spend time with my grandmother as much as I can. This is also the place that I sleep the most because let’s be honest, your actual bed at home is ALWAYS more comfortable than your college dorm bed! 

New Years Eve was originally supposed to be a chill day for me, and it did start out that way. However, my day quickly got turned around when I got in contact with my good friend Caitlin, my friend from when I went to the University of Hawai’i! We ended up making plans to go out and celebrate the New Year together and we had a lot of fun that night! It was really good to see her too because the last time we saw each other was last March! Almost a year had passed by!

Overall my break was pretty successful I would say, but now it’s time to get back to school and finish out my sophomore year! I’m really excited to get this semester going and I have a feeling it’s going to be a good one! Be sure to look out for my next posts because it will be about some good resolutions to make for your spring semester!

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Tips to Survive Spring Semester!

Welcome back and hello 2015! I know we all wish break had lasted a little bit longer, but sadly we all know that isn’t an option so why not prepare for the spring semester! 

Did last semester leave you a little frustrated with your grades? Have no fear! With the beginning of a new year comes a new semester and a chance to redeem your gpa before the summer. 

Take Notes: Taking notes is important because it ensures that when midterms and finals roll around you have the information you need to study successfully.

Pay Attention: I know class can get boring but try to be engaged in the discussions and participate in class. You have to make a decent grade to get credit for the class, even if you hate it, so you might as well make it look like you care. If you do this then when it comes time to grade your tests and papers your professor may be more lenient if it seems like you were paying attention.

Put your phone down:  This pertains to the tip above because it has to do with paying attention. Now I know we have a million and one other things we like to do on our phones instead of paying attention in class, but your phone is a distraction and you shouldn’t check it every five minutes. Once or twice won’t hurt you but being on it the whole time is disrespectful to your teacher and hindering you. You’re paying for the classes you’re in, you might as well get something out of it.

Studying: The location of where you study is important. You should try and do it in a quiet, well-lit area. It doesn’t always have to be the library, some of the best study spots could be hidden all over your campus. It is, however, a lot easier for most people to study in a place that is not your dorm. This isn’t true for everyone though, one of my roommates can’t stand being in the library and she feels she gets more work done in our dorm. To each it’s own, but find what fits for you!

Get More Sleep: Most of the time getting a full nights rest isn’t possible, but usually college students stay up later than we really need to. Half the time we’re on social media or just browsing the internet in general. Which I find funny because college students are always complaining about how we never sleep or we don’t get enough sleep. If you have the opportunity to go to bed at least a little earlier than usual then you definitely should.

It's a new semester, and new year so try to make the best of it! If there are any tips you have or would like to share, comment them down below! 

Also, be sure to check out my good friend Kylers post about getting the most out of college on Linkedin HERE. It's worth the read I promise!

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Back to Blogging!

I have been constantly thinking about things I want to write blog posts on, making lists and promising myself I would get back to it. I’ve been in and out with a few posts here and there and I feel really guilty. I wish I had more time to devote to my blog, and in all honesty, I do. I just use my free time to do other things, that don’t really seem very important now that I look back. I do hate neglecting my blog because blogging is such a wonderful hobby and has become so much more than that to me.

I’ve decided that instead of feeling bad, I’m actually going to do something about it. I don’t have time to plan out posts weeks and months ahead so we’re going to take it slow. I’ll start with 1-2 posts a week and try to increase from there. Now, I know that may not seem like a lot, but when you’re a college student it truly is because between studying and sleeping I feel like I barely have time for anything else!

I’m starting out with 1-2 posts a week because the quality of the posts are more important than the quantity of the posts to me. I also want to make sure I’m posting because I want to and because I have something worth reading, not just because I feel like there’s a quota to match.

Also I want to thank all of you readers that have stuck with me on my college journey! I can't wait to see what this semester holds!

Until next time..
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