2015 Goals!

I didn't really have goals for 2014, I did have a new years resolution though. You can read my post about my resolution for 2014 and my new years eve here.
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My life has changed so much in just one year. It's insane really. I went from attending the University of Hawai'i and living in paradise to transferring to Grand Canyon University back on the mainland. Although I knew it was going to happen I wasn't really prepared for the shift and of course my plans for the future seemed to fall apart. And for a second my happiness did too. It was hard for me to leave the island of Oahu but it's gotten so much better with the help from my family and friends.

I've been reflecting on how much has and hasn't changed this past year. I've really lost touch with some friends I was once really close to. It's hard to keep in touch though when your lives go two separate ways. It saddens me but thankfully we haven't completely fallen off and life does go on.

I've been so lucky to be surrounded by amazing people at my new school. The friends I have made at GCU are truly wonderful and I am so blessed to have them. Some days they are the reason I get out of bed and go to class. I don't even know if I would survive a day without them now!

My main goals this year are mostly focused on myself because I always tend to focus on others. I've learned, however, that you can't take care of others if you're not taken care of.
So here they are, my goals for 2015!

Focus on what matters
I'm constantly stressing on the little things and forgetting what really matters at the end of the day. I stress for other people more than myself honestly, it's ridiculous. I just really to focus on what truly matters in my life.

Save more, spend less
I'm always stressing about money, no matter what. Even if I have enough I worry about spending it on the wrong thing! I need to start saving more money so I have it for unexpected expenses.

Enjoy the simple pleasures
I really try to work towards appreciating simplicity more. I just need to really remind myself to find joy in the most unexpected places! 

What are your goals/resolutions for 2015?

ps: Starting January 1st, 2015! Along with the new year will be a new blog design! :) Looking forward to the change!
Until next year..
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Christmas Time!

I know it's almost new years and Christmas was days ago but I still wanted to post about how mine went! To be honest when I first woke up I almost forgot it was Christmas. This holiday season something has just been off and it didn't really feel like it was the holidays. However, when I went downstairs and saw my tree I was quickly reminded! The tree above isn't my tree, it's my aunts tree actually. We had Christmas dinner at her house this year. 

We had a small tree this year, I think mostly because we were too lazy ha! 

Please excuse how I look in the morning but as you can see I was very happy to open gifts!

I also baked some gingerbread cookies later that day for my grandmother! They came out delicious and I was so happy! :) We drove to my aunts house for dinner and we had a really good time.

Overall it was a really good Christmas, not the same as ones I have had years before, but good nonetheless. Hopefully next year I will have more Christmas spirit! Hope you all enjoyed your holidays, whichever you may celebrate and I hope you have a wonderful New Years!

Until next time..

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5 Christmas Eve Traditions!

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is here!

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There's no other night quite as magical as Christmas Eve. Families all over the world have a wide variety of traditions, from sacred to sentimental. I've got some listed below that I and some friends of mine really enjoy. If you don't already have Christmas Eve traditions then you should try these! And if you already do then why not add some more to your list!

  • Pajama "Game": Most families open one gift on Christmas Eve and they usually all know what they're getting: comfy Christmas pajamas. It's a tradition that kicks off gift giving and gets everyone ready for bed and all cute for Christmas morning!
  • White Elephant: If you throw a party or even just a small get together this game is really fun to do. Whenever someone agrees to attending you ask them to bring a secret gift that can't exceed a certain amount (most people do 25$ or less). To see how it works go here White Elephant Rules
  • Bake: Have a decorating party and bake cookies to leave out for santa and his reindeer that night!
  • Watch Christmas Movies: Snuggle up with family (in your new pajamas of course) with some eggnog or hot cocoa and grab a Christmas movie! Some of my favorites are: Home Alone, Elf, The Polar Express, Miracle on 34th Street, Four Christmases, A Christmas Story and more!
  • Christmas Lights: After eating your Christmas Eve dinner take a walk or a drive through your neighborhood or another neighborhood and look at the lights 

That's all I have for you guys for now! I hope you enjoy your Christmas Eve and continue your traditions and possibly make new ones! Comment down below and tell me what traditions you have!

Until next time.
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Be Merry.

(picture found on pinterest: Be Merry )

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and not becoming too overwhelmed with the stress that comes along with it. I know I have been just a little stressed but I am trying to take it easy this year and remember all the little important things that truly matter - like spending time with my family and friends. Christmas break has been so good to me and I truly am enjoying this break so far. Although I am happy to have a break from school, I am looking forward to the new year and next semester!

This post is short because I'm just checking in and don't have everything I need to post what I want. I'm posting from a new computer at the moment (merry christmas to me!). I can assure you that I'll have a more interesting post in a few days or so. 

Until next time.
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Happy Birthday Imani!

This post is dedicated to my bestfriend because why not tell a bunch of strangers why I love her and that it's her birthday!

 Happy happy birthday to my bestfriend Imani! I can't even think of where to start! 
I'm so happy that I met you this year at GCU and I know that my first semester here would have been SO different without you in it. Probably not as fun or interesting! God truly blessed me when he put us in the same room! He's always looking out for me and I know that it's true because now I've got you.

I wouldn't trade our friendship for anything in the world and I know that it can only get better from here. I honestly can't wait to see where our friendship goes and I look forward to all the adventures we're going to have in the future! 

You put up with me and all my foolishness and you must be crazy for that but I'm thankful! 
I truly hope you do have a good birthday and I'm so glad I get to spend the day with you. 

Here's to your last year as a teenager! Spend it well!
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Roadtrip to California!

Friday December 12th, 2014 - The day we embarked on an adventure!
Last Friday Edie, Christina, and I all left Phoenix to travel to California so we could go home for the holidays. Finals week had come to an end and we were ready to be on the road and be home with our families. I'm sad to say that I vlogged the whole trip like I did with the last roadtrip but I lost all of the video footage! :( Thankfully I didn't lose the pictures, but I really didn't take that many to begin with.. Oh well! No point in dwelling on things I can't change.

We did a mini shoot at a rest stop with Edie because the background was so nice!

Anyways, the road trip was actually pretty fast. We all had a good time during the drive and got safely home to our families at the end of the day. And honestly, that's all that matters and that's all we really cared about. I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday break so far. I'll be posting about finals week and how my break is going so far soon!
Until next time..
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Im 3 years old!

Sunday, December 7th I turned 3 years old!! Now, you may be thinking "What in the world is she talking about.. She just turned 20!" Well, I have a second birthday! 3 1/2 years ago I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer). I was 16 years old and it was a lot to handle. Although I had to undergo a year of chemotherapy(& was not finished until June 2012)  I was declared cancer free on December 7th, 2011 because that's the day they officially removed the cancer from my body. It's been a long 3 years but I'm so fortunate to be here and doing better than I could have ever imagined I would be doing. 

I had been looking forward to Sunday for a few months now. It's a very special day to me because it reminds me how lucky I am to be alive. Being a survivor can be tough because even if it's at the back of your mind, you always have that fear of your cancer coming back. It's stressful and very hard to deal with at times but I've gotten to celebrate 3 amazing years in remission, which is more than what some people can say and that is a blessing to me. I'm very grateful for the life I live and I try my hardest to live it with purpose. I can't wait to celebrate many many more years!

I'm so happy to have people to celebrate with and that I've constantly been supported year after year by friends and family. Cancer is a tough battle, but with help from the people I love I got through it and can now say I survived. I overcame what could have destroyed me. I couldn't have done it without any of my friends, family, doctors, and especially God. 
I want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate with me and for those who couldn't, it's okay! I know you were there in spirit and we can all celebrate next year when I'm 4 ;) 
Here's a few more pictures from my celebration night. 

Here's to another great year, and looking forward to celebrating the 4th!! 
Until next time..
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Thanksgiving Break Recap

I just want to start off by saying that this is how my roommates and I spent our last night before break together..

Eating a ton of pizza and cuddling while watching movies! It's always a good time with them and we were sad to see each other go but happy to be going home for break!

After finally getting to LA, the first thing I did was spend two nights with one of my roommates Imani (she lives 20 minutes away from me, convenient right?!) and we had lots of fun. Then I went home and I got to spend lots of time with my grandmother and aunt. I really missed them so it was great to be home with them. Imani came over to my house a few days later which was really cool for me because none of my friends have visited my house in California!

Then of course thursday came so quickly that when I woke up I didn't even remember it was thanksgiving! I went to my aunts house with my grandmother and aunt to celebrate. We had a good time and ate plenty! Here's some pictures!

I had an amazing thanksgiving and I was so grateful to be able to go home and spend it with family. I miss them already, but thankfully I get to see them again in a few weeks for Christmas break!

I came back to Arizona on sunday! My other roommate Edie and I did a roadtrip from LA to Phoenix and it was really fun! I'm glad we got to spend time together! I vlogged the whole way so when I have the video all edited I will be sure to put a link on my next post! 

I hope everyone had an awesome break and if you're in college then good luck this week studying for finals next week! If not, I hope you have a good few weeks until Christmas comes and that you get to spend them nicely!

Until next time..
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